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Welcome to Comfortlux® online

Manufacturers of high quality memory foam mattresses, toppers & pillows. As well as the supply of a large range of the finest high quality beds, headboards, sofas, sofa beds & soft furnishings.

Comfortlux® – Why not get a decent night’s sleep on one of our Memory Foam Mattresses or Memory Foam Overlays.

Our Comfortlux Visco Elastic Memory foam Mattresses and overlays are the ultimate in bedroom comfort. Check our full range out by clicking here.

Manufactured in the UK

Buy high quality Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattresses from Comfortlux – UK Based & reliable delivery.

Our Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattresses and Toppers are recommended by physiotherapist & osteopaths worldwide to provide essential support to relieve back pain, arthritis & general poor circulation.

As experienced now by millions around the UK and the world. Visco Elastic memory foam automatically adjusts to your body’s weight & temperature. Offering luxurious support & eliminating uncomfortable pressure points allowing a good night’s sleep. 

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