5 Point Massage System

Why not have the huge benefits of adding a Comfortlux® 5 Point Ultra Massage System!  While we do not pretend this will completely cure your condition, it will go a long way towards relieving the symptoms, aches and pains you get from these conditions.

Whether it’s a niggling muscle problem,  a stiff neck problem,  a lower back problem or just want to relax a stiff back after a hard day’s work. The 5 Point Ultra Massage System Mattress could be the answer for you.

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(main picture of mattress)

Comfortlux Mattresses with 5 Point Ultra Massage System can be manufactured so that you chose where you require the system to be situated. On the Left, On the Right, in the middle or On the Left & On the Right of your chosen mattress.

(Picture with options left right middle L & R)

Multi- Functional 5 Point Ultra Massage System Functions.

  • Select single or multi zone massage points
  • Select various massage configurations
  • Wave - massage moves up and down the mattress in wave like action.
  • Pulse - massage turns on and off providing pulse action
  • Tap - massage rapidly turns on and off at high intensity providing tapping action.
  • Swell – massage cycle from minimum to maximum intensity providing swelling action.
  • Multi- Zones for Upper back, lower back, hip region, thigh region, calf region.
  • Increase and decrease intensity.
  • Increase and decrease speed.

Choose your Comfortlux mattress, Choose where you want your 5 Point Ultra Massage System.