• Comfortlux Deluxe Medium Memory Foam 75 Mattress Topper

Comfortlux Deluxe Medium Memory Foam 75 Mattress Topper

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Do you suffer from sleep disturbances because your mattress is too hard, too soft, or just uncomfortable? If you have spent hours tossing and turning this way and that because you just can’t sleep, a memory foam mattress may be the solution.

  • Reduces tossing & turning allowing far better night’s sleep
  • Relieves pressure on your joints
  • Reduces bed sores & poor circulation
  • Relieves back pain
  • Reduces Arthritis symptoms
  • Up to 70% cheaper than other leading brands
  • Easily rolled up for transporting to caravan or holiday home
  • Quality Coolplus removable cover for cleaning
  • Cover to be dry cleaned only.
  • Eliminates chance of dust mites
  • Beneficial to allergy sufferers


Find out more about our Cool Plus technology

Tired, uncomfortable mattress sound familiar? It might be time for an upgrade to a superior memory foam mattress that will transform the way that you sleep. You might think of memory foam as being a material that’s hot to sleep on, but changes in technology have revolutionised this material into a light, supportive, comfortable material that supports you where it needs to. If you struggle to wake up feeling refreshed or you wake in the morning with aches, pains and pressure discomfort, a memory foam mattress will alleviate many of these problems and so much more.

The Comfort Deluxe 50kg Medium Memory Foam 75mm mattress overlay will significantly reduce tossing and turning, allowing you to really relax and move into a deep sleep. We spend our days rushing from one thing to the next and when we don’t get our sleep, we really do feel it. With this mattress overlay you will wake feeling refreshed and relaxed, ready to take on whatever the day has in store. You won’t have any of the common problems associated with spring mattresses either. The mattress overlay is available in all major bed sizes, but if you have a custom made bed, we can also accommodate special sizes upon request, so please contact us to find out more.

Our mattress also features the Comfortlux removable, cleanable quilted cover with all of the benefits of Coolplus technology which works to draw moisture away from the body keeping you cool, it’s breathable and comfortable too.

The fibre provides:           

  • Moisture Management
  • Breathability
  • Comfort
  • Quick Drying

Click here for more information about Comfortlux special Coolplus removable covers

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