Lowline Contemporary

Sleep is vital when it comes to maintaining your physical and mental health. Poor sleep can increase the chances of certain diseases and issues, which is why it is paramount you invest in a high-quality mattress that suits your needs.

Our Comfortlux Lowline memory 150 mattress is on hand to provide you with deep and comfortable sleep. This mattress will also help reduce tossing and turning, as well as pressure on your joints. This particular mattress is beneficial to allergy sufferers, and it can eliminate chances of dust mites.

Different mattress sizes are available, including 2.6” small single, 4” small double and 6” super king. We also have different cover options available to suit your needs, including standard cool plus and deluxe quilted cool plus. Finally, you can select your preferred 5 point massage system position.

If you require a different size, other than what is listed on our website, special sizes are available on request.

Contact the Comfortlux team today if you have any questions about our Lowline contemporary mattress or any of our other products.

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