Reflex Foam Mattresses

Improve your quality of sleep by investing in a high-quality reflex mattress that will ease those annoying aches and pains. Reflex foam mattresses are known for their ability to provide a firmer feel as well as spinal alignment.

Our collection of reflex foam mattresses includes the deluxe 200 foam mattress, deluxe 150 foam mattress and more mattresses that will help you sleep. Our reflex foam mattresses are available in different sizes, which are listed on each product; however, special sizes are available on request. We also have different cover options available and different 5 point massage system positions available for you to choose.

These reflex foam mattresses will eliminate the chance of dust mites, which is beneficial for allergy sufferers. Another benefit of reflex foam mattresses is that there are not any uncomfortable springs digging into your body, which will result in you sinking comfortably into your mattress.

Contact the Comfortlux team today if you have any questions about our reflex foam mattresses or any of our other products. Our team are always happy to answer any relevant questions.

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