Floor Standing Headboard Range

Add a personal touch to your bedroom by incorporating a stunning and stylish, floor standing headboard. The right floor standing headboard will support your bed while protecting your wall behind your bed from wear and tear.

The right headboard will make sitting up in your bed easier and will make your pillow stay where you place it. Headboards are also very easy to clean, and you can vacuum or wipe it, depending on the material of the headboard.

We have different stunning headboards available in our collection, including the dome shape without studs headboard, Haywood headboard, rectangular headboard and more. Our headboards are easy to install, simple to maintain and will transform your bedroom in minutes.

Our collection features floor standing headboards of different sizes as well as colours. We have colours ranging from your traditional red or light blue to blackberry and expresso. No matter your style or décor choice; we have a headboard that will suit you.

Browse through our floor standing headboard range today and find the right headboard for you and your home.

Contact the Comfortlux team today if you have any questions about our floor standing headboards or any of our other products.

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