Divan Bed Bases Range

Enhance the space in your room and add to the elegant appearance by investing in a high-quality divan bed base. Our collection of hidden storage options will add a secret space to your room, which is essential when looking to maximise your limited space.

Our divan bed bases will support your mattress and will provide you with an extra layer of comfort in some cases. Many of our bed bases are easy to manoeuvre around your home, which makes it easier to rearrange your bedroom or clean beneath the base.

The hidden storage option on some of our bed bases is an ideal way to store extra blankets, clothes or other household items. The drawers are spacious and are a must-have for small spaces. We offer different sizes, including, 7”, 11” and 13” bases, making them ideal for various mattresses.

All our bed bases are priced very competitively, are crafted from high-quality material and are manufactured in the UK at the Comfortlux factory. We strive to create products that exceed our customers’ expectations, which is why we focus on quality and innovation.

Feel free to reach out to a member of the Comfortlux if you have questions about our selection of products. Until then, take a look through our collection of divan bed bases today and envision how much space you could save in your home.

Improve your quality of sleep and maximise your space by investing in an elegant and high-quality bed base.

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