Firm Edge Base Divans

Maximise your space, while creating an elegant atmosphere to unwind by investing in our firm edge base divans. Our practical and stylish firm edge base divans are produced to the highest standards, as we value our customers’ needs and requirements.

All of our firm edge base divans are fully lined for your comfort, and our drawer divans feature captive runners, as well as protective corners, surrounds for your safety. We also have firm edge base divans that have no drawers, if you don’t require additional storage. We highly recommend that storage base divans as you never know where you will need more storage space for an extra blanket or to store clothes.

All firm edge base divans are competitively priced, crafted from high-quality material and are manufactured in the UK at the Comfortlux factory. We strive to create products that exceed our customers’ expectations, which is why we value high levels of craftsmanship.

Feel free to reach out to a member of the Comfortlux if you have questions about our selection of firm edge base divans. Until then, take a look through our collection of firm edge base divans today and envision how much space you could save in your home by using under bed storage drawers.

Improve your quality of sleep and maximise your bedroom space by investing in elegant and high-quality firm edge base divans.

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